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Sunday, October 3, 2010

After a long hiatus...

I thought I would swing by my own blog to see what was happening. Apparently some people are still reading this thing (LOL).

Life's good but I have been very busy for quite some time. I would like to say that I have been off writing the next Great American Novel or travelling around the world but I have just been working all the time.

Luckily, I am enjoying the school year. I am teaching fun classes and creating new curriculum. I have a new boss and generally better (or at least nicer) students this year.

A few weeks ago I got a reminder to slow down because I had my first exacerbation in over a year. I had to do a large dose of Prednisone (500 mg a day for 4 days). When I was done my vision cleared up but the steroid withdrawal also made me sick. Between the exacerbation and the steroids I had about two weeks of skull pain, vertigo and nausea but I was able to keep up with my life by just resting more. Now I feel good again!

This was a good learning experience. It reminded me not to push too hard and to draw some boundaries with work. I am coming home sooner after work to rest. I am still doing some work at home but I'm not spending as much time under florescent light and that really helps. I have noticed that the lights make me feel much worse. I have also been creating systems so I can work more quickly and efficiently. Best of all, I am just slowing myself down by pausing to breath and meditate.

I have fallen madly in love (with my kitten). She gives me a reason to come home and a reason to lay around in bed so we can play. She makes me smile.


Lisa Emrich said...

Aw, your kitten is a cutey! So good to see you Nadja and to get an update on how the year is going. Sorry about the relapse but glad that you are taking care of yourself and your needs. Good for you! Very wise indeed. What's the kitten's name?

Kris said...

Such a cute cat. Glad work has been fun and exciting for you! Take care-

Webster said...

Hi Nadja, I'm glad to hear you're managing quite well. Steroids can be rough, but if they knock back the MS it is worth it. You kitten is CUTE! How old is "basement kitteh" (LOLcatspeak)? Eight week? What's its name?

Denver Refashionista said...

My kitty thanks your for the compliments and my new post answers your questions:)