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Monday, February 28, 2011

A long overdue ramble

This blog used to be home to me. I poured out any and everything, no holds barred. Then I got divorced and some things just did not seem appropriate or necessary for public consumption, but now it seems like enough time has passed, and I feel like rambling a bit.

It has also been a really long time since I found an afternoon to myself where I didn't need to work or just rest because I was totally exhausted. Today it is beautiful outside and I smell spring on the horizon. I came home, stretched, and actually went for a run. I ran a whole mile without stopping and I enjoyed it.

It is only 4:45, still light out and I have already finished working and have the evening before me. This feels really good.

There has been a lot of change in my life lately and I think many opportunities for growth. Come Friday, I will finally have sold my house. I have moved into a 1/2 duplex with my friend, my two cats and her three bunnies. The place is coming together and we are really happy here in our new neighborhood.

I also recently ended a relationship and find myself totally single again for the first time in over ten years. It's strange, but I also welcome the possibilities. I am enjoying making my own plans and not always running them through a mental filter regarding how they might effect someone else. Today I am asking myself, "If I could design the perfect (LOL) mate, what would they be like?

Design a Date by Denver Refashionista

SWF seeks friend, companion and lover for:
yoga, walks, intellectual stimulation, a dose of honesty, great chemistry, Saturday night date, coffee, dinner, travel, a few nights out, fun, humor...

Honestly, I'm really thinking about what is important to me in a companion. I know that they should be attractive to me but they don't have to be attractive in a conventional way. I know I want someone to laugh with. I want a great physical, spiritual and mental connection. I must have someone who accepts me for me, rather than trying to make me into something else. I want someone who is not afraid of the MS and the huge amounts of sleep I crave. I want someone who has their own passions, who is comfortable being alone but also likes to be together without being needy. I would like to have someone who is physically fit and active but who is also ok with chilling. I want someone who is intelligent and well-educated. I would like them to be between 27 and 50. I want them to have their own career and income. As my sister would say, "I want them to have their shit together." I also want them to be a grown up. I do not want to raise anyone up as my mate. I don't care what gender they are as long as we have chemistry. I still don't know for certain whether I want kids, so they should be willing to entertain the possibility, but not be set one way or another.

Does this nearly perfect individual exist? If you are this person, please send me your resume, a photo and a copy of your most recent pay stub (LOL)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Inspirational video

One of my readers just sent me this video about a man my age diagnosed with MS. While his story does not seem all that extraordinary to me, (it being a lot like many of ours) I really like his outlook: the idea that each day is precious and must be lived to its fullest.

Check it out