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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Balancing Act

The school year has started with a bang (I'm a teacher) and this is definitely busy season. Right now at 6:00 am on a Sunday, I'm stealing a guilty minute away from the work to right a quick update.

This time of year is always a health challenge. I have yet to get through it without a relapse but this year, so far, so good (knock on wood). As always, my secret weapon is a balance of rest and work. Sleep is my trusty side-kick-- we try to spend 10-14 quality hours together every day. Sleep used to be something I squeezed in around all the activity, now I squeeze the activity in around all the sleep. This year's plan involves a little nap every day and a good 3-4 hour chunk on Saturdays.

The balancing challenge here is fitting in the fun stuff. I haven't made any trash art in a few weeks but I have gotten out to a few aerial dance classes. I have also still been teaching my full yoga schedule but I gave up my desk shift in favor of more rest time. Now I can be home for the night by no later than 6:30 on any night. When do I go to bed you ask? 7:30-- but I'm still not old (lol). Can an old person still balance on just their arms?