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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Free time

I am currently experiencing one of those unheard of states of being called free time. It is so rare that I do not have anywhere I need to run off to. I had a job interview this afternoon, and then I grocery shopped but I was home by 4:30. This literally almost never happens. I feel almost guilty sitting here in my pjs with nothing I have to do.

When I got home I had to ignore the voice in my head that was whispering that I should go work out or at least do some sit ups. I am still reassuring myself that it is ok that my butt is creating a large crease in the sofa instead of building strength for my next aerial show. The show is still three weeks away, but I know that I need to spend a lot of time building the strength to do two new routines.

This entire week feels almost like another spring break. I found coverage for all my mid-week yoga teaching, and I am taking Friday off to play with friends. I also have Sunday off for the first time in a few weeks. It's a good thing because my day off Friday is the first day with no work that I have had since the beginning of April. I am using my freedom to read novels, make some new trash art, and to finally blog again. Yeah me!