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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Latest MRI and general update

Great health news. My latest MRI came back and I have no new lesions and the ones on my left side are smaller. I guess something is working for me. Since I'm not sure what, I'll just stick with my new routine. I will continue with Copaxone. I will also stick with the diet I have been following since September. I now eat meat again but do not eat gluten or soy and I watch my dairy intake. Rest is a priority and I continue to get regular excercise with my yoga teaching and practice. Lately I have also been taking some vitamin D and a multi-vitamin but that is a new thing.

My summer has been pretty mellow but I have been teaching a ton of yoga. I am also still trying to sell my house. Yesterday we entered a new chapter of this process. I met with my ex and real estate team to start working toward a short sale. I am hoping the process goes smoothly and resolves in a timely matter. The whole sale thing has been stressful physically and financially and I am ready to wrap it up. I had intended to move and get a place with a friend but my ex wants us to keep paying for the house so I think my friend is going to move in. This is something I am looking forward to. Today I am grateful for the positive results of my MRI.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Update 6/15/10

Settling in also brought on the lazy... It has been hard to get motivated to do much beyond what I have already committed to but I guess that is the good part of vacation, you do what you do, and then you save the rest for another day.

I have been writing a little bit for my yoga book and it's nice to be ahead of my classes and have something prepared. Ordinarily, I am scrambling at the last moment to pull my thoughts together, but now I am planning ahead a bit more.

I have been sorting through things in my house and trying to get motivated to finish packing up for when I can finally move. I am hoping to wrap things up with my house sale soon and to be out by, or before, the end of summer. I am also searching for a deal on a new computer because mine is hardly functioning anymore and is threatening to give up the ghost soon. I have my fingers crossed that it makes it.

Today I finally downloaded the pictures I took on a recent trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens, so I am also entertaining ideas of doing some sketching or painting. The rest of my time I have spent searching and applying for jobs, cleaning house, gardening, lounging around and doing yoga. I have been practicing more yoga this summer than I have in a while which creates a nice balance between teaching and my own yoga. Overall, things have been pretty mellow. I notice that the idea of doing much makes me rather anxious and discontent so I guess I really need to value this break and to become as relaxed as possible before I need to move and/or start work again.

I am grateful for my summer vacation.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Settling In

I am beginning to adjust. Today I was driving to work at the yoga studio and I found myself smiling for no reason. I felt happy and it was not because I was forcing myself to think positive or trying to tell myself I should be happy. I just was!

I think I may be relaxing. I have been focusing my yoga teaching on balance. I'm trying to bring some of that balance into my own life-- a healthy balance of taking care of a few things every day and just enjoying myself and chilling out. It feels good.

Today I am grateful to just feel good.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Now that vacation is finally here, I notice that I am still adjusting. I am finding it a bit hard to just relax after being continually on the go and I am feeling a bit agitated. I hope a few more days of vacation will help me just start to chill out.

I have started a journal and I am hoping that it will be a useful tool for sorting out the millions of thoughts spinning through my mind. I am hoping if I can just purge some of the excess in my head that I can calm down a bit, and find a way to be present.

So far the break has been pretty mellow. It is only me that has not slowed down. I have had some nice time with friends and family and I hope to continue in that vein in the next few weeks. I also am getting to do a bit of reading just for fun and that is really nice.

I have been feeling a bit fatigued and the heat is bothering me a little, but overall, my health remains good. Today I am grateful for this chance to kick back and rest. Tomorrow will actually be the first day where I do not have to work at all because I have still been at one of my yoga jobs every day since school ended.