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Thursday, July 14, 2011

What I have been up to

So far it has been a fun and busy summer. In June I attended two different trainings. The first was a "writer's workshop" where along with other teachers, I learned more about teaching writing. The second workshop was put on by EL Achieve, an organization that trains ELA (English language acquisition) teachers like myself. While I was there, I trained to lead their workshops for other teachers in the future. It was very empowering to be treated as a teacher leader again.

July has been a mix of action and down time. I ended June and started July with a week at the Naropa summer Writing Program in Boulder. I wrote my "Legacy" poem while I was there. I also created a bunch of other new work.

At the end of June I worked a kids birthday party with my roommate where she ballooned and I taught Little Animals yoga and face painted. We teamed up again on July 4th for more balloons and face painting. This (face painting) is a new passion for me. I am learning as I go.

Lately I have been resting a lot, recovering from all my adventures, getting organized and experimenting with the construction of "trash art". This is shaping up to be an excellent summer.

Click on each of the links to see my fun in action!


Weeble Girl said...

It sounds like you have been having a great time and making some really great choices for you. Woot woot for you, friend. :)

Joan said...

Good way to avoid boredom! Very interesting life you are leading, Nadja.

Clare said...

stopping by to say hello :)

Nicole said...

That's it stay busy!