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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 2 in the Dominican Republic

Hello readers and friends. Right now I am kicking back at a restaurant/cafe right next to my apartment in the Dominican Republic. I will be here until early 2013 visiting my honey and looking/dreaming of a job in the DR. Right now I should be job hunting and updating my resume, but just sitting here is so much nicer:) So far I am just settling in and relaxing. Yesterday I think I bought out the entire grocery store stocking up on food and supplies so I can mostly just chill. In the next couple of days, I plan to get my butt in gear to find a place to work out and teach a bit of yoga while I am here. In the meantime, my apartment is right next to the beach so I can always go for a run and workout on the sand for cross training. I also brought my new aerial fabric, and I am looking for a place to rig. The balcony looks promising, but I need to do some further safety investigations before I start climbing. I do not have internet at my apartment but I will try to post regular updates on this page as my adventure unfolds.


Joan said...

Nadja, WOW! this is amazing. Joan

Denver Refashionista said...

And getting more so all the time Joan:)