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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Update 8/18/13

Summer vacation has been great. Really great. Great to the point I find myself too busy doing other things I love to even bother blogging. Not that I don't love blogging... I do but there is always some chance to go do aerial or to play at acrobatics in the park, or to go out with friends and family. Tomorrow I officially start on my new job so I thought I would write a quick life update before I get caught up in tons of work stuff. This year I will be teaching ELD (English Language Development) (ESL) to elementary school kids in Denver K-5. I think I am going to like it but it will be a lot of work. In other news-- I am engaged to a Dominican man named Jose. His fiance Visa was just approved so soon he will be living with me in Denver. We plan to get married soon too. We are super-happy and excited. My health is good (knock on wood). I feel good both physically and emotionally and I thanks to aerial dance, I am getting stronger all the time. I can even do pull ups now ( a feat for an adult female). I am feeling toned, thin and buff. I am absolutely addicted to aerial. When work starts I hope to maintain a good balance of work and play. Here is a link to my latest aerial video.
Me and Jose

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