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Friday, December 19, 2008


There are only about six more hours until I officially start my vacation. It can't possibly start soon enough. I'm really feeling like a break and a mental reset is in order. I want to have the time and energy to think about my hopes, plans and dreams for the new year. I am looking forward with anticipation to a fresh start.

Tomorrow my husband and I will be heading out to Minneapolis to visit his mother and grandmother for christmas. We are driving so I'm hoping for some good, or at least decent, weather. Christmas is a big thing for his mom so it should be a fun time. We are looking forward to visiting with some old friends as well. I'll be sure to post a blog or two once I get there. I hope everyone else has a great holiday too.


Jen said...

ENJOY, Nadja!!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful holiday and fresh start for 2009! ~Amy


Hey, Nadja. Guess what?

You're officially ON VACATION!!!!

Have a fun and safe trip.

miz astrid said...

Hope your trip is awesome and the drive uneventful!! XOXOXO

~BriGuy~ said...

Have fun!!!

Best wishes for the New Year!!!


Serina said...

Nadja, I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy the time with family!

Webster said...

You're driving from Colorado to Minnesota? In a Winter storm? I will definitely be sending prayerful positive vibes your way. Toss a few snowballs for me!


Happy Vacation, Whatever you celebrate, and New Year!

Linda D. in Seattle