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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Update 10/20/12

Finally a day off and a chance to update everyone on the latest. First and most importantly, my health is good overall and even better, my body is doing the things I ask it to without much protest. Second, I feel truly blessed. Lately, it seems like all my hard work has really been paying off. Last week I was written up in a local arts blog. Then, the next day I was booked for my first paying gig coming up November 1st. Things got even more amazing the following day when I won a nomination to compete in the RAW Denver Awards show in November for the Performing Arts category. I also had the chance to teach an awesome partner yoga workshop last week with a friend and I have booked another aerial yoga workshop at another studio for November. So overall business is booming and more importantly, I am getting a chance to do all the things I love. On Thursday night I got to perform at a club for my first time with the RAW Denver Artists. Here is a link to my most recent aerial performance.

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