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Monday, November 5, 2012

Another day in the life

Not all that much to report here. I imagine the picture on this post will be by far the most interesting part. Still busy but I do have a few vacations looming. from last Thursday to the end of this one, I have a lot happening. This past Thursday, I performed at a gallery for Dia de los Muertos. This was my first "paying gig." Problem is, I have yet to get paid... By Saturday, I was completly exhausted. I slept 12 hours, got up, did dishes and then went back to bed for 3 more hours until it was time to go to tech rehearsal for my Saturday night show. At rehearsal, I was the only one still sipping coffee at 2:30pm, and the only one who skipped actually practicing for the show. It took 20 ounces of coffee and two Aleve before I could even bring myself to take a good stretch. Luckily, adrenaline, friends and my aerial idol (my sister Alex) got me through Saturday night's performance. I even went to the cast party, after which it was back to bed for another sleep marathon. I wanted to take yesterday off completly but I needed to rehearse for this week's show (Denver RAW Awards, I am up for performing artist of the year for Denver). I also had to run some errands, but then it was back home to sleep some more. I dragged myself out of bed for dinner and then I went back to bed for another 11 hours. Today I was still tired even after all that sleep and we have parent/teacher conferences until 5:30, so I am still at work, sipping my 4th caffeinated drink of the day (don't lecture me, it's that or Provigil, and it is not a daily thing, lol). The week is just beginning and it is not about to slow down. When I leave here I still have to go teach aerial dance. Then, extra early on Tuesday, more conferences, teaching school and then teaching yoga. Wednesday, repeat, stay late at work and then go rig for Thursday's show. Thursday, another extra early start, teach school and then go to the venue for a long night of face painting and performing. Friday, extra-early start after show, regular teaching day and then, a really, really epic nap that may not end until sometime on Saturday. I am excited to spend Saturday creating a permanent indent on my couch. Here's the good news. I love all the stuff I do these days so even the busy is not so bad other than the fatigue. Thanksgiving week I am going out of town for almost an entire week of yoga and nature retreat. December 4th, I leave for the Dominican Republic for an entire month. So even in the midst of the insanity, I have some great time off to look forward to.

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