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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One day at a time

As I mentioned in my last post, adjusting back to my regular life in 2013 has been a challenge. I am hanging in there, just trying hard to take things one day at a time with my eyes still fixed on the life I want. Lately, my greatest challenge lies in staying fully present. I worry a lot about things in the future and things I can't control. I'm trying to remember the good little things in every day. I enjoy my drive to work, the warm heater, my coffee, the music... I love every moment I spend with my beautiful black kitty. I love the way she snuggles her warm body next to me, the way she smells, her soft fur... I love the way practicing yoga and aerial makes me feel inside and out. It makes me feel strong and certain. I like that feeling. I love reading a good book and discovering there is nowhere I have to be. I love imagining things I want to create and practicing aerial dance moves in my head. I love my cozy little apartment. I often worry about money these days but truly, at least right now, I have everything I need. I am waiting, often sadly for my fiance to be able to come here, but I am trying to remember all these beautiful little things instead of just waiting for the day we can be together again.


Anonymous said...

Hugs to you! We should kick it again soon, as our schedules permit. :) <3 ~meg~

Denver Refashionista said...

Thanks lady. Back at you. It was great seeing you ladies the other night. We will catch up soon:)