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Friday, August 22, 2008

Portuguese speaking blog fans?

So I got this crazy email today. It was titled "I like you." Here's what it said, "Helo baby,good by!!!!my gril,I love you,I need you love baby,ok!I no have friends,brothters,theaters,grils,father,mother,and also love.I need you love me my gril.
Novos endereços, o Yahoo! que você conhece. Crie um email novo com a sua cara ou"

Anyone know Portuguese?

Here's the other thing... A woman named Rosa from Capri keeps posting loving comments on my Refashionista page as well. The latest is similar to the one in my email. Do I have international fashion fans? I wish I knew what they were saying because I can't decide if they think they know me, if they like my fashions or if they just think I'm really cute. I guess in this instance, the language barrier plays in my favor because I imagine they must be saying something like, "Your work is brilliant. We want to buy your designs. Not only are you a marvelous designer, you are witty and gorgeous too."

It is also fun to imagine that they are sophisticated and beautiful. They have recognized my artistic genius and want to bring my fashions to their country etc...

I have always enjoyed making up stories about people in my head but I thought I had outgrown it until now. I could go on and on spinning out the stories of Jefferson and Rosa. A case of mistaken identity? I may never know.



This MSer speaks Portuguese. You might approach her for a translation.

Chemo is Not a Pony

Lazy Julie said...

The first "romantic" message is probably just an international scam. I get them via email all the time. The second one is very cool, though.Why wouldn't people all around the world want to know wonderful you, Denver!
Lazy Julie

Diane J Standiford said...

I can interpret: " Your blog is fantastic. I love it." "You fashion stlye knows no rival---genius! Your photo is sexy. Send me $250,000 money I marry you good." Yep, nice comments, they are big fans. (but don't send the $$) I am flatulent in many different languages. Diane-

Merelyme said...

lol..that is something! you has admirers and for good reason.

hey stop by my blog...i wrote a little something about ya. add me to your fan list.

Xenu said...

I'm fluent in Portuguese:

Novos endereços, o Yahoo! que você conhece. Crie um email novo com a sua cara ou"


"New addresses---the Yahoo! that you know. Create a new e-mail address with your face at or"

I think that, as someone else said, the e-mail itself is spam. The footer in Portuguese is just something that Yahoo! automatically adds on to e-mails sent. Hotmail has a similar message (I have mine set to Portuguese and it shows up all the time.)

If you ever need a translation again, feel free to contact me. Also, since you appear to be a friend of Lisa's, I am adding your URL to my Blogroll.


Denver Refashionista said...

Thanks ladies. I am very intrigued by your various interpretations. I like Diane's the most.

I probably was spammed on the email but it so much more fun to imagine otherwise...

Joan said...

Could it be "Refashionista" is getting international attention???