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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Same old, same old

Time for a brief rant. I am starting my 5th year of teaching and I am noticing the same old problems in public education. Where to start...

I have no idea about my budget. I don't know what I can spend so I can't buy anything.

Then there are my student rosters. I am waiting for the year when they are actually finished on the first day of school. Right now the ESL 9th graders have yet to all be scheduled into my classes and tomorrow is already their second day of school. This is only a minor inconvenience for me but for them, this is terrible. Some of them may not know a word of English and they are out there lost. That must be so hard for them. It seems I have a new ESL coach who can help with this but it also seems that her time is divided between two schools. Apparently she won't be in until at least Friday and in the meantime there is nothing I can do to help the kids.

My greatest frustration has revolved around getting the stuff/supplies I need to kick off the year. While I was sick the computer projector I was borrowing went back to another teacher. She was gracious enough to give it to me again on temporary loan but now I must take most of my budget (if I have one) and spend it on a computer projector. I wanted to buy an overhead too but found the cost appalling. Both these obstacles seem surmountable but my last issue is causing great concern. My yoga mats are missing! I just sent an email to the old teacher in China in hopes that she can shed light on this calamity (lol).


Joan said...

Geeze - sounds like education has similar problems to big bloated corporations. Sigh..
Hang in there! I'm sending you patient energies!

Blinders Off said...

I remember telling my husband when he retired from the Military that he would make a good teacher. I also told him the day he feel he is not making a difference in a child’s life then that is time for him to leave.

The school district he teaches in is rough and the district was a mess, many days he wanted to walk away. He stayed because he made positive changes in some students’ lives.

The school district has a new superintendant this year and he came in making sweeping changes.

This is the second week of school for my husband with the students in class and this is the first year in years he is not complaining about how the year started.

I hope you get the supplies soon...hang in there.

Kim said...

I hope you get your budget soon and are able to get the supplies needed. Your writing shows how much you care about your student and I just wanted to say Thank You!

Denver Refashionista said...

Thanks for the support ladies. The issues are still unresolved but the boss-types are at least acting concerned so that's a start.