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Friday, August 8, 2008

Where the Sun Becomes the Moon

Took you under my wing,
Tiny thing.
Locked within my heart and mind,
I never pined.
With you tucked amongst my feathers,
we both rose,
Seldom froze--

Amongst the soft, gray, clouds,
All around
Steeped in the semi-darkness of blue surreal,
where the sun becomes the moon,
In unreal,

I shielded you deep,
Felt you sleep--
Nestled gently in the down of my wings.
Slumbering there,
Without a care,
For the danger we were in.

I swooped through the sky,
Rapid fly,
Of a miniature bird of prey.
Holding you close,
As we flew through the murky sky,
Once again the sun-moon,
Caught my eye--
And I watched it glisten on my feathers,
glowing jewels of perfect light,
I could not fight--
The excitement,
beating through my veins.

Watched the water slithering,
Out across my wings,
Resembling things,
Like tiny tadpoles,
headed out for their first wriggle,
Cross the sand.

Cross the sand,
In desert heat,
To the strange eclipse of pale,
luminescent sunlight,
Bathed within the clouds--
Where the sun becomes the moon,
a metaphor for us,
My love.
You the sun,
I the moon.
Beautiful you,
With golden hair,
Bronze skin,
Eternal soul of joy,
Sweet boy--
I sometimes envy your glowing outlook.
Seldom dreamer,

Everybody’s friend,
Seldom my lover,
I do not suffer--
You are direct,
Ruled by laws, absolutes and science,
As certain as the sun will rise,
Despite my cries--
Of longing,
At the cool, gray moon.
I will see her swell,
Tell me that I ought to cry,
or sigh--
Because the world is spinning,
so swiftly,
beneath my feet--

I can not capture,
All the sun the way you can.
You are the sun,
I the moon.
your eyes are open in daylight,
Mine at night--
where I hover in the world of dreams,
And it seems,
I am always trying desperately,
Not to drop you,
From the place I have you guarded,
Beside my heart,
Beneath my wings.



Beautiful, beautiful!!

Personally, I like the moon. I like moonlight. I like light in many forms. Without darkness there is no light. So I must like dark too. Absent the dark, the moon would not reflect the light of the sun so brightly. The moon is my friend.

Denver Refashionista said...

Yes, I also identify with the moon. It is a feminine symbol.