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Saturday, November 21, 2009

After the darkness there is sunshine

It seemed I dwelled in shadow. Work ended but the shadow it cast was long. I felt sick in my soul. How could a place that looks so nice from the distance be so cancerous inside? It seems to suck the very souls and humanity from those who enter its doors. I have seen horrors this year that I could hardly even have imagined. Yet I keep going back, to fight another day. I am not ready to give in and let apathy and negativity destroy a large part of my world.

I came home and let sleep obliterate all things. I awoke from the fog of an afternoon nap, still sick in my body and soul. I tried to forget but in the end, I just cried, and cried and cried. Then I slept again, awoke and cried another deluge that seemed unending. Then I slept again. Eleven hours later, I awoke and the sun was shining. I bounced from my bed singing, spent an hour on Wikipedia, studying and writing and then wrote about Nataraja, Lord of the dance, developed a yoga flow in his honor and went off to teach. Where yesterday there was only sorrow, today there is creativity and light.

I came home and wrote some poetry, posted this entry and now I'm off to take yoga from someone else. This should be fun!

Today I am grateful for the calm after the storm.