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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Neurologist Visit 11/03/09

I went to the neurologist today for the first time in a year. The visit went very well. He says I passed all the "tests" and that the yoga is working for me. He also said I do not need another MRI for a while unless I change medications but that so far, the Copaxone seems to be working well for me. Unfortunately, he is retiring but he gave me a referral so I feel satisfied.

I have still been feeling a bit strange lately but we think it is a potential UTI, rather than an exacerbation. My symptoms include, back pain, abdominal cramping, urgency, inflammation, full body soreness, painful joints, dizziness, nausea and blurred vision but the biggest issue does seem to be the back pain and urgency, so I think we have nailed it down. I should know by tomorrow and if we are right, I can start antibiotics or whatever he suggests. If it is not, he will send me to a specialist. Either way, I am optimistic that relief is on the way.

Today I am grateful that my appointment went so well. Next Tuesday, female doctor, week after neuro opthamologist (is that how it's spelled?) and then on with my life. Yay!


Lazy Julie said...

Don't you just hate how many doctor's visits you have to have? That's the thing that kicks my butt. I'm glad your appt. went well.
Lazy J

Robert Parker said...

Good for you--congratulations!

Good luck with the UTI stuff... I generally hit up my Chinese herbalist for urinary issues. His formulas taste horrible but they have zero side effects--and, best of all, they work. My urologist was surprised at how well they worked (and, I think, a little jealous that they had zero side effects, which isn't true of his stuff). But good luck with whatever road you take!

Denver Refashionista said...

Thanks Robert. Once the tests come in I may go the acupuncture route. It was on my mind...