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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Color me a different shade

Sadly, I'm not even interesting to me anymore. I'm sick of sameness, sick of listening to myself mull over the same crap, sick of the job, sick of the routine and I'm still seeing little change on the horizon. I want to do something different, create something beautiful, but I seem stuck in blah. When I get a break from working, I feel either too physically, or too mentally drained, to do anything remotely exciting. I'm trying to accept that-- for now. I'm completely discontent thinking that this stagnation will last for long. I'm determined to claw my way out, do something that isn't work, sleep, or escape from thoughts of work.

I want to find something to look forward to besides my next nap (LOL). Maybe this is just winter blues. I can't say I'm trying hard to find it, but I'm looking for new opportunities to come my way. In the meantime, I'm trying for patience and something better than a tolerable existence. I see glimmers at times.

I did get out a few times this weekend. I went to aerial dance to practice on the fabric and hoop. That was cool. Yesterday, I actually went to a yoga class I didn't teach. Now, I hunger for the time and energy for greater adventure. My eyes are open. I just need some inspiration.

Today I am grateful that my largest complaint is lack of inspiration. I am truly grateful for the comfort of my existence:)


Webster said...

Your readers know that you are grateful for all the good that is in your life. Lack of inspiration bothering you? Perhaps your creative projects are too big for Winter. Maybe try Haiku - they are short and sweet.

Be well.

Anonymous said...

I know for me winter lulls my inspiration a bit.. Spring is coming, I have no doubt that something great is coming your way! Be ok to rest up now, cause you'll need your strength! ;)

Mike said...

I have that problem quite often myself. Not sure if anything I had to say would be helpful but I have never been one to shy away from commenting.

Try taking a walk in a new park or down a different street. Go to a store you have never been to/normally don't go to and just browse around. Call a friend you have not spoken to in a while. Go to the library (and no, looking books up online does not count), choose a random book, preferably on a subject you enjoy, and read for a little while. If all else fails, a good movie, a stiff drink, and a comfy couch is always nice.

In the grand scheme of things sometimes you just need a nudge from someone/something else to get you moving forward again. :)

Be safe, smile often, and never forget you are not alone.


Courtney said...

This might brighten your day! I just heard about this program called Escape To Shape. It is yoga retreats planned around the world with great food and other activities. Someone I know just did a trip and LOVED it. Looks exciting and would certainly diminish the winter blues!

Robert Parker said...

This has been my experience for months. Perhaps years, sad to say. To add insult to injury, the energy of Winter squashes me, and that really doesn't help. The good news in all of this is, you're not broken. You're normal. Inspirations come; sadly, that means that they go, too; "up" creates "down," as the Taoists told us long ago. The hope I have to offer you is that this "low" uninspired time is positioning you to receive the correct spark at the correct time. This down time is going to make the next uptime possible--because, the flip side of where you are now is also true: "down" creates "up." We're with you on this one! You are definitely not alone!

Helen said...

precIt's winter and snow is everywhere. I can't get out so I've been sleeping a lot. Today I've been awake and yearning for inspiration. Something inside is telling me tp prepare for spring. I'm confused about my direction. It seem that everything I think of requires physical skills that I don't really have. So I think I should try to get the Web to work for me. I'm old and don't know how. I guess thats where I should begin this journey Thanks