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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update 5/07/10

I have little to report here at the moment. Things are pretty much routine right now. I no longer dread the challenges of work. Everything feels very manageable, including my health. This week I actually feel very good physically. Come to think of it, I feel almost the best I have felt since before my diagnosis a year ago. My energy level is good and I find that I have not been getting so exhausted lately. On Monday I skipped my regular nap, Tuesday I worked until 3:45 and then went straight to teach yoga. Yesterday, I only took a brief rest and then I got to read a novel and take a walk with my husband and the dog. Today I feel very good as well. I walked over a mile this morning and this afternoon I will teach yoga so I am quite pleased about the direction of things.

I am ready for the end of the school year but I am certainly not going nuts wating for things to end. My job is secure for next year but I am also going for a job interview in my district tomorrow. I am interviewing to become an "English Lanuage Acquisition Specialist" at an elementary school. I am uncertain if I will get the job but I am happy they called me for an interview. I hope to know more after tomorrow.

My little family is doing well too. My husband and I both seem to have pulled away from our respective anxities and bouts of depression and now we are just making the most out of the life right in front of us. The dog and cat are healthy and happy so we are all pretty content right now.

It is funny how a lack of drama makes for a very boring narrative but as they say, "No news is good news." Today I am grateful for my health and happiness.


Lisa Emrich said...

That sounds very good!!

Webster said...

Good luck with your interview.
"English Language Acquisition Specialist" - is that a synonym for teaching English as a second language? If so, wouldn't "ESL Specialist" have worked just as well. LOL

Hope you continue having good days.

pat said...

Happy Springtime! It's an amazing season,no? All things are revitalized,and re-birthing is within and without us! I love spring with all it's youth and pride.After a long winter, it's a good friend.Glad things are well,WW.

Weeble Girl said...

Sounds like work and you are both well. I think of you often as I am now back in the classroom and tell myself if you can do it, so can I!

See, you're part of my inspiration.

Good luck with the new job opportunity. Let us know how it pans out.