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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The ups, the downs and the in between

I am at work on my lunch break so I have to keep this very brief. I'm not on the cloud 9 of last Thursday's "update", but I'm ok.

My interview on Friday went well but I was passed over for the job in favor of someone with more elementary experience. I was really bummed but the principal was encouraging. She said I had the right qualifications for a coaching job and that I did a good job on my interview. She encouraged me to keep applying for similar positions because she said I would do a great job. In that spirit, I did submit an application for an instructional coach job at the middle school so maybe I'll have another interview soon. In the meantime, I am trying to resign myself to sticking with what I am doing. One of my favorite authors (Marion Zimmer Bradley) always writes in her books, "The world will go as it will and not as you and I would have it."

So I suppose in this short narrative there are both ups, downs and something in between. Today I am grateful for what I do have.


Robert Parker said...

Sorry the job search didn't turn out the way you were hoping, but I've always found this to be true:

They don't want you? You don't want THEM.

It's always worked out this way, that when I haven't gotten a job that I wanted, I inevitably heard of something (usually stupid) that happened that made me say "Boy, I am I glad I didn't get that job."

In the long run, this will be a blessing. It means that you're now available for the job you're supposed to get.

But the waiting for said job you're supposed to get can sometimes be a killer. I know all about that, too. Oh well... (sigh) 'tis ever thus, alas. But you'll make it! (We MS people, we get a lot of practice dealing with pointless irritations, do we not?)

Denver Refashionista said...

Well said Robert. Thanks. You are right. The right thing at the right time...

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

Sorry things didn't go so well but as they say if it is meant to be it will be...And as it sounds you learned something from that interview and you are seeing things in a different light!! I wish you luck with this next position.