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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Best of Healthline Blogger Award

Today I was surprised and delighted to receive an email from healthline proclaiming my blog was selected one of the top 20 for 2012. Below I have pasted their writeup about this blog. "Nadja Yse Stringer is one inspirational, sassy lady! This perky, positive blogger shows readers what it really means to be Living! With MS. Her passion for fashion, yoga, and life in general leads readers on a playful but honest journey toward self-discovery, spirited living, and wellbeing with MS. Find out how Nadja creates a fantastic world both in her personal life and on her blog by following her clever posts and artsy updates. Enjoy the experience as she breathes life into your own efforts at building happiness and health despite MS." BTW, I am Tizer, not Stringer but I know who I am:) I was also pleased to see that my friends Lisa Emrich and Joan also have blogs on the list. I am also pleased to know the author of another amazing blog on the list.

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