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Monday, July 13, 2009

Journal 6/13

I have another headache so I will keep this short to avoid eye-strain.

Friday, after I posted on my blog I went to help out with an event at a fitness store to promote the yoga studio where I work. I was feeling good at the time so when I got there, I tried the Nia (combo of dance, tai chi and yoga) class that was going on. It was very fun but it made my heart race. A little later, my head started to pound and then I got very nauseous. I thought I might get sick at the store but I managed to make it home to cool off. Once I cooled off, I felt a little better but still not great.

On Saturday morning, I felt almost like myself again so I got to have a little fun. My husband and I went to Fort Collins to check out the CSU experimental gardens. They had tons of plants and flowers that grow well in Colorado. We got some great ideas for our garden. I also got some ideas for future paintings I might make.

Speaking of paintings... I am working on a really cool one that I'll post a photo of this week. I hope it will be my best yet. It has a lot of detail so it is taking a while to complete, but so far, I am very pleased.

Yesterday I also felt pretty good so I did some more fun stuff. My husband and I went out for brunch. Later in the afternoon, I got to take a yoga class in the park from the owner from my studio. It was a great class. Near the end, it started to rain a bit. I think that was the first time I have done yoga in the rain. It was cool. When class ended, I went to get my first MRI in six months. I have my fingers crossed that I will have no new issues. As long as things don't get worse, I plan to stay off DMDs.

Unfortunately, I am not feeling well again today. After a good weekend, I hoped that last week's symptoms were behind me but I woke up about 4:00 am feeling very nauseous. The feeling went away after I got up but I was left with another pounding headache and my whole body feels sore. I slept a lot but I'm still tired. I want to go to yoga but I will have to see how I feel later. I have two classes to teach tomorrow and I want to make sure I'm at my best for those. I wish I could figure out what has been making me ill. I can tell it is related to my immune system because I have a lymph node under my arm that keeps swelling when I feel sick but I can't tell if the problem is eye-strain, heat or something else entirely. Every now and then, I suspect diet but I have tried going dairy and gluten-free before and it didn't seem to make a difference. This hardly seems like a problem for my doctor since I am on vacation and I have the time to rest so I just hope that I will feel ok from one day to the next...

On a positive note, even with the inconveniences, I am really enjoying my summer. I am getting to do the things I want to. The main things I want to do are pretty mellow aside from yoga (that's mellow too but physically demanding at times). I am finding plenty of time to read, paint, embroider and write. Today I am grateful to have these opportunities in abundance.


Jen said...

Several years ago I had problems with headaches. They seemed to escalate in the afternoons and in the sun. Very weird and I had never been a "headache" type of person. Didn't appear to be tension or migraine, and nothing over-the-counter worked, so my doctor put me on a low-dose antidepressant-- nortriptyline, I think? ---which was a life saver. Oddly, I was tapered off of that and then correctly diagnosed with MS about a year later. Started a DMD and they have been in check since. Maybe another weird MS symptom? Actual stress? Who knows. But they were awful at the time and I found myself at the ER more than once for an immediate pain killer. Apparently studies are finding that headaches are more common in MSers than once thought.

Feel better and be good to yourself. Sounds like the rain yoga was really COOL!

Denver Refashionista said...

Thanks for the insights Jen. I think the headaches are somehow MS-related. I am having the same problem with painkillers too. They don't fully work and even after an Aleve, I still have pressure and pain. I have not gone to the doctor yet but we'll see how the MRI looks and go from there.

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

I am sorry about the headaches and nausea... I hope they start getting better but I would bring it up to the Dr. when you go to see him again. Or if they continue then get that checked out sooner. It might be MS but it might be something else.