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Thursday, July 30, 2009

More time off...

A lot has happened since the last time I posted and I planned a long update but today I just don't seem to have it in me so I'll just document the highlights.

Yesterday I went to work on a fact finding mission but the only thing I learned is that not even the bosses know what's going on. I still have no final schedule and no students enrolled in my courses. I did track down my stuff and saw my new office but no one is allowed to check out keys yet anyway. I spoke to one of the assistant principals for about two minutes and he assured me that by August 10th I would have a schedule. He basically told me to go home and enjoy the rest of my vacation. This is a bad sign about what awaits me when work officially starts but you don't have to tell me twice to chill.

I also spoke to the head of HR and she was very helpful. She gave me FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) paperwork that will allow me to take intermitten leave as needed for my health. She will also inform my boss for me. That is a relief.

I used the time I would have worked to take care of some health stuff. I got a new prescription for a stronger painkiller than the over-the-counter stuff I have been using for headaches and joint pain. I took some this morning but my body still hurts. I think it's from the cold and damp. Whatever the cause, my hands, wrists and knees are stiff and sore so I don't feel like doing much.

I talked to the injection nurse at Kaiser and she told me how to get set up with the Copaxone. She said it would only cost me about $30.00 or $40.00 a month out of pocket. I can just start in September when I am ready. I am glad that my cost won't be too bad.

I also went to my acupuncturist for the IgG and IgA blood tests and we should have the results from those tests and the genetic tests in a few weeks. At that point, we can see if there is anything I can do with diet to control some of my symptoms. If there is not, at least I will know I tried everything.

Today I am grateful for more time off to relax.


Joan said...

Hi Nadja, that cost for Copaxone isn't too bad. When I started in 1999, my co-pay was $100 a month. Then I switched offices and it was down to $50.

I don't comment much right now, but have been keeping up with your posts. I continue to send you supportive thoughts.

Have Myelin? said...

That's not too bad. My BF with MS works for XYZ and her copay is $250 a month!

Denver Refashionista said...

Thanks ladies. It looks like mine will only be $30.00 or $40.00. Not too bad...