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Saturday, August 1, 2009


Is there such thing as destiny? Is it possible that things happen the way they are "meant to?"

I often find myself saying, "Things will happen the way they are meant to." What do I really mean by that? I realize that for me there is fallacy in this statement. To assume that things happen the way they are meant to supposses that there is some greater, intelligent force controlling the universe and the things that happen to each individual. What I realize is that to believe things happen the way they are meant to, we must also believe in something like God. So for me, here lies the fallacy in my original statement. I must believe in a God to believe that things happen according to destiny but I don't even believe in this type of God so how can I even make this statement?

I believe in the divine within. I believe that I am not the biggest, most important thing in the universe but I still fail to believe that there is some other entity pulling my strings. So why do I even say that things will turn out as they are meant to? I guess it must just be human nature to seek an explanation for the things that happen to us. "It was meant to be" is an easier explanation than accepting the idea that things happen at random or that we are personally responsible for the things that happen to us. Interesting stuff...

While I discount the idea that things happen the way they are meant to, I find that in some cases, things in my life often seem to work out for the best in the long run. For example, last year I really wanted to get the job of coordinator for the arts academy at my school but I didn't. At first, I was bummed out but later as I watched the job unfold,I became very relieved that I was not in charge of that position. Another example for me has unfolded at the yoga studio where I work. Somehow it just "feels right" for me to work there. Each opportunity I have encountered there has worked out better then I planned. First, I got to sub there without even asking if I could. Then, I got hired. Later, the owner of the studio offered me space for my kids yoga without me asking. Today, I took over teaching the yoga class I have been wanting to teach since I started working there and again I did not solicit this change. At yoga, things keep falling into place. In my quest for a new job, nothing has panned out. If things were truly meant to be, there would perhaps be a giant message in this. Yoga is calling to me. Public education is losing its charm. The logical message, yoga is for me, public school is not. All this stated, I must stay the course with work until another opportunity presents itself (forgive my use of the phrase, "stay the course" LOL).

It sometimes comforts me to say that things will happen as they are meant to even if I don't really believe it. I guess we do what we can to rationalize quirks in our existence.

What are your thoughts on destiny?


Have Myelin? said...

I am in the middle of trying to answer that very same question only my answer has to satisfy a bigger reality than most. My daughter's death sucked out a big whole so yes I demand an answer.

If I find it, I'll let you know. So far I haven't found it.

Robert Parker said...

Who/whatever it is that runs the universe has persisted in leaving me off their e-mail distribution list, so I don't have definitive answers.

I prefer to believe that I go through what I'm going through because, for some reason, I need to go through it. I don't know why I believe that, and I certainly have no notion of why who/whatever it is thinks I need what I need.

I also prefer to believe that the Great Machine of the Universe knows what it's doing, and your job is to keep your eyes and ears open, do the work placed before you (whatever that may be), be kind to other people, helping them when you can, and try to stay out of the way of the Great Machine as it does its job.

Pretty much the only beliefs I have, actually...

Mike said...

Well now a topic on which I have tons of thoughts. I will spare you the majority of it since I do not wish to take up your entire page.

I am a firm believer in there being no one/thing/person/entity/whatever in charge. As Dr. Horrible put it so nicely: "Crazy, random, happenstance"

Do things happen for a reason? Beats me. I believe in karma and fate. At the same time I think that we, to a degree, make our own. The universe is a wacky place. To think that a single, all-powerful, omnipotent being can, with a mere thought, snuff out our very existence or bring paradise upon us is ludicrous at the minimum. Total madness at the max. The idea that a single being holds reign over us from on high makes me giggle.

Our ancestors could not explain the world around them. The chose to attribute our world to god. If a drought hit, it was gods will for some perceived slight. If the rains flooded the valley it was gods retribution for people not living by the rules. Poppycock.

Does this belief give people the right to be mean, vicious, uncaring retards? Certainly not. The bible, in all it's alleged wisdom, is nothing more than a collection of stories that teach us how to live with our fellow humans. We, the descendants of these story tellers, have perverted their ideas nearly beyond recognition.

Organized religion? A control mechanism for those unable to think for themselves. The sheeple.

Life is simple people. Treat others like you want to be treated. Look out for your neighbors. Share what you can, take only what you need.

We, as a race, for all the advances in technology, have done nothing more than slide further into the abyss. We can't climb out by ourselves. Believe me.

Hmmm, I guess I said more than I wanted. Perhaps I should post about this on my blog some time soon.

Diane J Standiford said...

Oh, I believe in fate and destiny. There is a power I can not explain, just as the wind blows past me, that pulls me a way I didn't plan or sometimes even want to go, yet I feel I must. Something inside screams, Diane, you MUST. The older I get, the less I know. The mysteries are exciting to me though, keeps me hanging around. I also believe we can have a hand in our destiny and fate, but then we move into another space---a spiritual faith in soul, love, and meaning.

Diane J Standiford said...

Oh, and Happy Friendship day!

Denver Refashionista said...

You're right Myelin. You do have more to sort out. I'm sorry for your loss.

Denver Refashionista said...

Robert-- the Great Machine... That intrigues me. That is a little bit how I see things but I don't know why.

Denver Refashionista said...

Hear, hear Mike. I get where you are coming from. It's strange though, to believe in karma or fate almost relies on the belief in a "higher power." That keeps becoming my sticking point. It seems to be a sticking point for others as well. We can't really know I guess. I imagine that is why many people rely on faith or religion for a way to get through life. I try to rely on myself but that can be hard.

Denver Refashionista said...

Happy Friendship day to you Diane. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.