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Monday, August 24, 2009

Firebird Yoga

I just got a great idea for a new yoga company and blog I wanted to start. I would like to welcome all my readers to check out Firebird Yoga. I am still working on the font colors so I would love your feedback.

I plan to continue writing about yoga there. I also plan to take photos and possibly video to share with my readers. I will talk about yoga for every body and need. I hope to bring the joy of yoga to both healthy and seriously ill individuals. Please take the journey with me.

Denver Refashionista


Lisa Emrich said...

Finally Denver is going to do a Yoga site!!!

You probably have seen the woman in Seattle who has started the blog "yoga empowered 4 MS" or Hilary Rubin in LA who has decided to use her "symptom-free and drug-free' MS status to branch into the 'chronically ill' and 'looking for a guru' clientele.

I'd much rather see what you would have to offer. We've only been prompting you for how long? :)

[BTW, the website must not be live yet.]

P.S. Hey, this is cool. My security word is GRACE.

Webster said...

I'm surprised you waited until school started to do this!

I ditto what Lisa said - your site must not be up yet because all I got from that link was godaddy ads.

Denver Refashionista said...

Hmmm... I'll get the site up.