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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Change

The night is velvety black now—
It probably was but I did not see.
The dawn is a wash of color—
It probably was but I did not see.

The universe has taken on new dimension.
I feel things I never imagined I would feel--
Words are inadequate
My heart—

I think my heart has changed.
It is as though I see
I see not with my eyes,
Not with my mind.

I see all now
I see it from some deep, basic place in my being.
Words are clumsy
They cannot seem to capture this feeling—

People told me,
“Don’t change too much
Don’t change too fast.”
But change happened.

Change happened.
It was inevitable.
I walked a short road
Hand-in-hand with death—

When we parted
I was not the same
I spoke with death and then, I lived and left fear behind
But I could not go back.

I followed my conflicting feelings into the darkness
I followed the new sensations in my heart and here I came out.
I came out and I was reborn
A phoenix, born from the ashes of what I was--