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Saturday, July 12, 2008

A busy Refashionista

I have been busy again this week with yoga, writing and refashioning. The promotion I hoped to get was actually reposted this week so I guess the person who got it must have turned it down. I applied again but I'm not sure if I am allowed in the running a second time. The thing is that now I am not attached to an outcome so perhaps things will turn out differently. Either way, I have already made me peace with teaching again. I can tell it will be hard to go back to work in a month. I am very spoiled right now because between spring break, my first exacerbation and then summer break, I have had months off to do as I please. I have had the chance to be incredibly creative and productive doing things I love. I guess it is good that I also love to teach. Despite this fact, I am viewing the upcoming year with some trepidation.
I am a little afraid for my health under the rigors of my job. It was always a challenge but now I have five classes to teach instead of four. I also have MS symptoms to contend with. I think they have been there a long time but now I yield to them more. I have also noticed that the symptoms around my menstrual period have been growing worse. Fortunately, due to acupuncture, a few seem to be getting under control. On the other hand, the nerve pain and numbness is new. I have not slept well in almost a week so I'll be glad when these symptoms fade out again. My arms and shoulders ache and when I lay in one position for very long, my right hand goes numb. Oh well. I thank the powers that be that I can still work and still go to yoga even if I do suffer at times.
Last night I got out for a while after yoga teacher training. I was able to catch up with some folks I have not seen since my illness. It was nice to see them although I did get the expected, "I have a _______ with MS." And the, "You look great and you're handling this so well." I have heard it said, "It's not how you feel, it's how you look and you look marvelous darling..." I guess my readers will have to be the judge. This picture was taken last night.
Check out my latest refashions at Denver Refashionista.



Well, sometimes it is how you feel. But you do look mAArveloussss.

miz astrid said...

I would love to purchase that dress, if it's for sale... ;) *smoochas*

Denver Refashionista said...

Miz Astrid, only in your dreams you can purchase it. It's not a refashion but I can tell you where I got it :) You can borrow it too if it fits.

miz astrid said...

You had me so confused... ;-P