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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Carnival of Moods

I just had another piece published on Lisa Emerich's Carnival of MS Bloggers. I did not publish the piece here because it's kind of depressing but follow the link below to read my work and to see a more uplifting piece or two by other writers.



Nadja, you may feel depressed by the expressions in your piece, but I don't see it that way. It's more an acknowledgment of your reality right now. That is a most loving thing which you can do for yourself. Only then can the fears dissipate. This is not something which I understood at 25, 30, or even 35. Give yourself time.

~BMW~ said...

thanks for the info on Darren Main. I will check it out!


Jen said...

Hi Nadja–

Your Carnival post is so raw and real. I imagine everyone with MS feels this way from time to time. I feel very much like you in regards to guilt (I am still pretty mobile, yet I just won my disability case because I can’t hold down even a part-time, outside job on a regular basis, yet I don’t use a cane or a wheelchair), PMS (I become my worst critic, even though I know it’s hormonal, and all my accomplishments mean nothing to me at this time), and insomnia (the steroids and the attack itself make me so anxious and sleepless, even on sleeping meds, and it takes me about a month to sleep a little better, but I don’t usually sleep well to begin with because my mind is always spinning in overdrive, thinking about what I can and can’t do.)

Just letting you know that I do understand and it makes me feel a little less isolated hearing you say the same things.


Denver Refashionista said...

Thanks to everyone for all the great support. I wrote the piece with the thought that you all would understand and not judge me for feeling this way and I can tell that you get it from these comments. BTW, now that the PMS has lifted and I went for acupuncture I feel so much better again.

Blinders Off said...

Welcome to the MS community!

Diane J Standiford said...

Denver, I know(I think...losing brain cells here, LOL) I bugged you about this b4...I want to do yoga on the floor so badly, but no classes around here will have me. I can get down easy enough, uh-hem, but getting up is impossible; I would need help...ever seen a person so disabled in a yoga class? I don't have "people" like Montel...I know, and do, yoga sitting, but long for more and I know it would help me so.
PS--Hey, where ever MS takes you---hundreds of others have gone, never feel weird about any of it.

Denver Refashionista said...

Diane. In Denver we have therapeutic yoga at a place or two. In my class there are people with walkers and in wheelchairs. We help each other up and down and with getting props and the teacher helps too. I bet there might be a class like that in your area too that you could attend with your caregiver. Maybe you and your partner could go together as well.