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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Update 7/26/08

I have been quite occupied recently, mostly with yoga. Yesterday I attended a total of three classes. Boy was that overkill. Today I feel like a truck ran me over. I intended to go to class at 8:00 am today and then go to the park to practice teach but instead I lay in bed and groaned. I am trying right now to get psyched up to hit a class and then attend teacher training but I am still not sure about taking class before training. I guess during training we have a class today too and I am fried.

On a different note, I have had some good things happen to me over the last few days. Physically, I have felt good until this morning and I have felt very strong in yoga. Financially, things are really looking up. On Thursday I learned that the insurance company for the driver who hit my husband and I in our car accident was ready to pay out. The accident was in March and I fractured my sternum and missed three days of work. I expected to be paid for the missed work but I was delighted to learn that I was also getting a sizeable payout for my "inconvenience." At first that sounded crazy but now that I think on it, my sternum is still a periodic cause of discomfort so the accident did prove incredibly inconvenient. Little did I know at the time that my first relapse would be far more difficult and painful than my sternal fracture...

I also had some new students in my Yoga 4 Kids program on Thursday and so I actually made some money. The class went great and it was really nice to get paid.

After class on Thursday I went back to Urban Peak (a place for homeless youth) and took a dish for the kids. All of us who volunteered got to have dinner there again. Doing this karma yoga always makes me feel great.

Today and tomorrow I have teacher training. My husband is camping with friends for the weekend so I am just chillin'. Last night I had two invites to go out but I found that I was so exhausted that I just wanted to be alone. I did some sewing and refashioning but I hope to at least get dinner with a friend tonight. Tomorrow will be a long day and this will be a long week of yoga but we finally finish next Sunday. Yeah, it's been great but I'm ready to move on.



You sound well and this is probably the good type of fatigue and exhaustion. Enjoy the quiet house to yourself and keep that good karma flowing.

Denver Refashionista said...

Thanks Lisa. I will do just as you suggested.