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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some Days...

I have made it this far and this long through one of the hardest times in my life just by living one day at a time. Somehow I keep finding the ability to keep going when I most need to. Sometimes it seems like I can hardly do it, either my head is in the way or my body is but one way or another, I keep on keeping on at least enough to meet my obligations. I am grateful that most of the times when I feel the roughest do not coincide with anything I need to do. Luckily, today is one of those days.

Physically I am feeling awful. My neck aches, my head aches, my stomach is upset and I have been fighting nausea all morning. It seems I may have a touch of migraine but maybe I'm just feeling really crappy. So far I have not found the tonic to take away my syptoms but up to this point luck has always propelled me to feeling better when I need to so I trust that if I lay low today, I'll feel fine tomorrow.

I feel like my exacerbation is behind me so I think that the way I am feeling must just be the result of other factors. I felt sick on Friday too after working over twelve hours on Thursday and last night, I stayed out late so maybe that did it. Anyway, no use second guessing this. I am just going to focus my energy on feeling better for tomorrow because I have quite a bit planned.


Joan said...

I do hope you feel better, soon, dear friend.

pat said...

I echo Joan's sentiments.Hang in there, OK?

Weeble Girl said...

Just checking in on you and hoping for the best. My psych R.N. has just switched my AD meds around, taken me off one, and added two others in along with the Xanax.

I also have Klonopin, as needed but that was more for my muscle spasms, and I take Seroquel at night to help me sleep. I should be the happiest medicated female on the planet!

I am remembering your focus on breathing and one moment at a time. This will pass.


Bubbie said...

feel better. it's hard to learn to pace yourself, especially while wanting to accomplish all and everything you did before. Just know that it passes..even the worst of the worst flares do eventually allow you to get back to something close to normal.

Denver Refashionista said...

Thanks for the support ladies. I am actually feeling a bit more positive lately. I haven't cried in two days :) I think the exacerbation is behind me so now my body just needs to adjust to the meds.