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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stuart's MS Views and News

Hello loyal readers and people with MS:
Check out the letter below from MS Views and News. I have long been a loyal follower of this site and this newsletter and I wanted to help spread the word so be sure to read this letter and get yourself signed up. All the cool kids are doing it, you know you want to :)

From: MS Views and News, Inc.

Almost everybody, seems to know somebody with Multiple Sclerosis. Maybe a family member, a friend or a business associate or colleague.

If so, please provide the following information to them so that they ( the MS patient) and/or their caregivers can remain up-to-date with MS related News.

"Stu's Views and MS Related News", a weekly MS related e-Newsletter is currently being globally viewed by over 4000 email recipients who want to know more of Multiple Sclerosis and want to be kept abreast of all news worthy items concerning this disease.

To register, if not yet receiving this weekly e-newsletter, please click here.
After registering, take a look at our website, MS Views and Related News and our MS blog.
MS Facts are available to read on our website in more than (11) different languages.
To locate these other languages, find and click the link for web resources.

If you have any questions pertaining to MS, that you cannot find on our pages, send me an email to:

Thank you for allowing me to "Help to make a Difference"...

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