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Monday, February 2, 2009

Extra, Extra MS Therapist "Gets It"

Denver, Colorado 6:30 pm. After a visit with a local therapist affiliated with the Rocky Mountain MS Society, this writer is pleased to announce that her therapist really "gets it." During a one hour session, this MSer's perspective was repeatedly validated.

It was refreshing to meet with someone who does not have MS who has a deep grasp of some of the issues those with MS often experience. Some of the therapist's most noteworthy comments included, "The medical community often ignores the mental aspects associated with MS." She also noted that, "MS should not be diagnosed over the phone." She compared having MS to "post traumatic stress." This local therapist clearly recognizes the daily struggles and fears confronted by many MSers. Not only did she acknowledge the trauma associated with MS, she directly confronted the issues around control that often plague MSers. She commented that "One of the hardest parts of life can be feeling like one has no control." She went on to mention that for those with MS, this is often compounded by the stress of unpredictable physical symptoms. She also stated that when an MSer gets the physical aspects of the disease under control, sometimes the toughest mental times begin.

Today's session ended with the scheduling of another session in two weeks. This writer will be sure to post an update at that time. Gratefully signing off--



Duh (slaps hand on forehead)

I forgot that you lived in the same location as the Rocky Mountain MS Center. So awesome that you met with a fantastic therapist!!

It's wonderful to get validation like that. When I was in the process of finally getting diagnosed, I was already in therapy with a wonderful person. She helped me tremendously to come to terms with many things.

I'm so happy for you!!

~ Charlene S Noto said...

Wow. That is good. It is very difficult to deal with a doctor or therapist who has not a clue to be found. Glad you got a good one.

Webster said...

I'm happy for you. A therapist who "gets it" is a great asset!

Jen said...

I remember my first therapist was not a good match at all. It was a personality clash and nothing personal, but what a difference when I switched to the social worker I see now. We've been going strong for almost 3 years and I would be friends with this woman outside of therapy. Just a really good rapport and someone who "gets" me, even though she doesn't have a chronic illness. I think half the battle is finding someone with whom you can have a give-and-take conversation and can relate to. This has been my experience. Then it seems like the problem-solving naturally falls into place.

Denver Refashionista said...

Thanks for dropping by everybody. I'm really glad to have had the chance to talk to this therapist. I can only get two free sessions with her but at this point that's all I need. My other therapist was awesome but she declared me "cured" so I probably will take a therapy hiatus for a while and just go if I think I need more help. Things are looking up.

Blinders Off said...

Finding a good therapist for MS'ers is like shopping for the perfect shoe to wear with an outfit.

Anne said...

I love therapy.

Isn't it amazing how nice it is just to have your experience validated? MS makes me feel crazy sometimes.

Thanks for posting this.