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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Neurologist Visit etc...

I had the day off so rather than just chilling, I went to a few appointments. I started at the dentist. I was not surprised to be scolded for my poor flossing and tartar build up. It is clear that I have been neglecting many things since my diagnoses and my teeth is one of them. I still got off pretty easy. I have to go for a cleaning and for one filling at the end of December. I need to floss better and use mouth wash for a while but nothing too bad. They are watching a spot on my lower gum for mouth cancer but the spot has always been there. The one thing that does concern me is that when I took the time to really examine the spot, I noticed that it has changed. I am keeping my fingers crossed because mouth cancer is the last thing I need. I used to think I was invincible but cracking my sternum last year and learning I had MS has taught me not to take health for granted.

After the dentist I was really tired. My exhaustion has increased almost exponentially over the last few days but I actually feel much better these days than I have in a while. I combatted the fatigue today much as I have been. I put some caffeine into my system and then continued on with my day. It was really hard not to rush home and go back to bed but instead I drove out to my sister-in-law's house and taught her yoga for an hour. That was probably the highlight of my day. When I left there, I quit resisting sleep, came home and went back to bed for about an hour and a half. I felt like I could just keep sleeping but my alarm got me up just in time to go to the neurologist.

The neurologist visit went well. He did not push any new meds on me but he did order another MRI so we can ascertain if I have any new lesions since I have been having a lot of little symptoms since my first exacerbation. I go for the MRI on December 1st. I am quite optomistic that I will not have new lesions. It seems that if I don't, he will not recommend any interferons for now. We both agreed that we can keep that course open if things worsen or my lesions multiply but for now I can continue to wait and see.

My neurologist said that I am doing well. He gave me a few suggestions for the fatigue too. He said he can put me on meds but we should try to avoid that if possible. He suggested caffeine, cardio and pushing through the fatigue with activity as much as possible. He also said I was sleeping too much. I think he's right but boy is that sleep tempting. I suspect that if I cut back on the sleep, I may have more energy but it is going to be hard. I am less depressed these days then I was but sleep has become like an elixir to combat anxieties and discontent. I also suspect that if I do as he says, in time I will feel better during my waking hours but this is going to be a challenge.


Nina said...

The tiredness really sucks. :( I feel for you. Good luck for the MRI. Do you survive them well? I like a good MRI at lunch time, warm and vibrates. Perfect nap time material


Fatigue is no friend, that's for sure...

I had a strange thought while in the shower today (where ALL my strange thoughts originate!)...have you ever thought about trying to teach Yoga ONLINE for us MSers??? I know...there'd be no money made in that, but I for one just read an article about MS and yoga and I'm certainly interested!

**Taking my strange thoughts and returning to my corner now**

Linda D. in Seattle

pUNKrOCKfairy said...

Oh, by the grace of caffeine I can survive the day! Diet prescribers and holistic types are always advising me to quit my caffeine habit, but none of them have experienced this kind of fatigue. Or had to pull a 12 hr. shift while fighting the urge to just lay down on the filthy hospital floor!

I say sip away and get through the day!

Also, I like brain's idea for online yoga. I'm in if it happens!

Abby said...

It's so easy for someone that doesn't have the fatigue associated with MS, to say not to sleep so much.

Caffiene is my best friend!!

Denver Refashionista said...

Thanks for dropping by ladies. I do like the online yoga for MSers idea. I think that is something I would eventually like to do. Look for some attempts on my part during the summer of '09 when I have some free time ( I hope). These days all I seem to do is maintain.


Fatigue sucks!!!

Yoga for MSers online - that would be great. I can picture it now. Short videos featuring specific moves and what their benefit is. Longer videos guiding through short sequences.

That sounds like something which one of the health sites should be savvy enough to sponsor. Hmmm, just thinking out loud.

karen wynder said...

I am so so sorry about the dentist visit. That is my least favorite place in the world. Good luck December 1..The fatigue is one of my other least favorite things about having MS....I do love yoga though...I have tons more trouble walking, moving, living when I don't do it consistently.