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Friday, May 2, 2008


4/29/08- Journal # 3

Matt told me, “You are not dead.” Right on, I’m not. In fact, I am so overwhelmed with joy at this moment I can’t stop singing. Why? You might ask… Because it is spring, I don’t have to work, I can laugh as much as I want, I can forget perfectionism and all the rules of professionalism and just “be.” I mean, just really “be.”

Yogis are always saying, be present, be mindful and experience the moment even if it is one that involves suffering. Amen! If I survived an NG tube up my nose and down my throat then life might just be a giant piece of cake (minus the saturated fat).

So I’m not dead but now I don’t have to spend time joining every work project I encounter. I don’t have to read a whole bunch of shitty grammar, bad spelling and linguistic rape of my favorite words. In fact, maybe I’ll even write some poetry that’s actually good.

If I don’t get to teach Vinyasa yoga than perhaps I can buy some “blosters” and prop old folks into their restorative yoga poses while discussing transcendental reality.


Matthew said...

I love you.

Living! with MS said...

I love you too.

Brian said...

Terrific attitude! :^)

We were visited by a friend of ours in the past couple weeks who did some "psychic healing" work on me - with tremendous effect. Ironically, it brought me back to recalling my studies from early youth in the Silva Mind Control Method. During my practices with the Method, I also got really into Jose Silva's book "You, The Healer", and for a time I was even practicing on other people.

As kooky as it may seem, there could be some additional opportunities for you to explore your own capabilities to harness whatever it is that makes us heal - that practicioners can chalk up to "psychic" healing...