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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Very Brief Journal 5/11/08

In Inventing the Truth:The Art and Craft of Memoir (William K. Zinsser, 1995) one of the author's featured claims that once a memory is discussed or written by an individual they have created their version of the truth and the story usually does not change in that individual's head. The story I started yesterday and planned to finish today has already been overtold and now I find myself with a reluctance to even try writing it. Let me say that something powerful happened to me early Saturday morning. I learned to work through and past the pain of my vertigo and find ways within my self to heal. Let me also say that on one level or another many of you helped me. I used your prayers and the candles you lit for me to find a positive way to change my head space around healing. I was able to use breathe to pull me out of my nausea. I rubbed my whole body and just breathed and relaxed. I felt like you were there with me and that I was helped along my journey. You prayed for me and I prayed for you. I planned to write out the pryyers I said but find now that my desire has been curbed so I will just say that I am feeling well and doing yoga again. This photo was taken today!

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