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Monday, May 19, 2008

Journal 5/19/08

Ok, so I did not abandon my loyal readership just because I got a favorable prognosis but I did decide that now I can really get down to the business of world and systems change so I took a few dyas off from serious writing to be spontaneous and kick up my heels a little. I got "Denver Refahionista" started. It is a "green" clothing business where I take old clothing and 'refashion" it into something new and hip. Sometimes I just buy used items and pair them to make hot new outfits and sometimes I "refashion" old clothes to make them into something botiquey and fun. I have decided to donate 50% of any profit I make to "Environment Colorado". I hope this project raises awareness about sustainable living and our immediate need to "Save the World."
I also got to spend some time with friends this weekend. On Saturday we went to dinner and sat on the awesome patio at Pearl Street Grill. We then went out to Vinyl and caught up with some other friends.
On Sunday I went to a great yoga class and then stayed after to sign up for yoga teacher training. I also worked in the yard with Matt but he did most of the work. I slept like two hours in the middle of the afternoon and then got up, made dinner, watched T.V. and played Wii with Matt. Then I slept 9 more hours but I'll probably take another nap soon.
Today I am going to buy a car, get some groceries, buy some stuff for the new business and go to my second MS meeting. I may do some other stuff too but I'm kind of just kicking back and enjoying the sunshine so we'll see. I do plan to finish a dress I am refashiioning but I'm in no rush.
Tomorrow I will probably work on the memoir.

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