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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Journal 5/07/08 p.m. update

Journal 5/07/08 P.M. update
Well a reprieve from the angst was certainly in order and it came at about 10:00 a.m. I was finally sleeping. I came up from the whirl of a strange, disoriented dream where I touched my nose and found that under my finger the skin began to peel away… As I rubbed more, my nose slowly fell off. I awoke with a jolt to the phone ringing. I was slow to crawl up from the darkness and to remember that I had a nose and I had MS, not leprosy. It took another moment for me to realize the call was coming from my grandmother and that she was calling back after over twenty-four hours of phone-related issues. Oh my God, is Mercury in retrograde?
I came back to reality slowly but once I did, I was rested and on the mend. I stuck to a mostly raw foods diet and it does seem to do the trick, especially if I keep the liquids and foods coming and do things in short spurts followed by rest, meditation and “Rescue Remedy.” I prayed sang and meditated as I prepared for my yearly job evaluation at 3:00 p.m. By the time Matt picked me up I was calm and centered, ready to show the world the new me.
Things at work couldn’t have gone better. I got to see the kids I talked about life, respect, responsibility, achievement. I told them about their final exam. I am having them write an essay answering the question, “What do you feel is the biggest problem facing teens today and why?” I told them that I think the problem is “apathy.” I told them that I am a teacher because I want to shape them toward a future of achievement. I want them to graduate, go to college, get citizenship and be great. I explained that the world is facing a crisis and it is their job to solve problems like environmental destruction, poverty and war.
I got to visit a few of friends at work and I hope to see them all at graduation on Saturday! I got some lovely candles for our altar to the god and goddess from my mentor (so awesome). I also got a goody bag of fun gifts from another close friend. In addition she gave me a yearbook that was signed by all of my students and most of the staff. Two of my little “naughties” even wrote apologies to me for their “mal comportemiento y palabras” (bad behavior and bad language). Go figure. Kids, I swear…
My evaluation went very smoothly and I am optimistic I will be rehired for next year (update to follow).

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