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Friday, May 16, 2008

Neurologist Visit 5/15/08

I have some very positive news to share with you all today. The neurologist termed my MS "monophasic" (one time bout) and "benign" for now since I have to have another relapse in order to change the diagnoses. He does not want to put me on medication yet and my follow up isn't for 6 months. I am so blessed and relieved. I will just try to exercise and eat right for now and hope that maybe my MS is a one time deal. I only have two lesions on my brain and none on my spine so I'm optimistic. All my blood work came back healthy too. He said I may also just have a very mild form of the disease that will just ask me to slow down but will not inhibit my dreams. I am going to just be very present in everything I do and pray that no further relapses occur.


Chris said...

That's fantastic news darlin'. I can only imagine the mix of feelings you must be experiencing. Each day is a gift. Trust in that.

Luv ya like pop rocks n soda,

mdmhvonpa said...

Well, those classifications can change, but that is still Great News (tm).

Anonymous said...

I was dx'd with MS at age 23 in 1976. There were so many cockamamie schemes out there for treatment and believe me --- I had most of them.

As it turns out, my MS was the benign kind of MS and yes, doc wanted to wait for at least two more episodes to concretely say "Yes, you do have Multiple Sclerosis."

Stress is a killer and my family is the manufacturer of "STRESS!!" So more episodes came upon me quite quickly. Until 1981, I treated with various treatments.

Then it went into remission and stayed there for many years. I am a Christian and have been since age 6. I believe that MS was God's way of telling me to slow down and cool it or I would lose it - the life I enjoyed as a newly married girl.

In 1976 there was not much written material about MS and I started haunting medical libraries at the medical schools in my city. I educated myself so that questions I asked doctors, I would know the answer to know if they were telling me the truth. LOL

On my blog you will find my daily pill intake - mostly supplements. I do not take any interferons or daily/weekly/monthly injections. I don't want them. My diet has been fine tuned and continues to be fine tuned daily. My supplement intake also changes as I change.

You can take comfort in "benign" MS because it allows you to live your life but with qualifications. You will have to rest when you are tired, eat small when you are hungry, de-stress with whatever visual imagery you like, and continue your life with significant others as long as possible. Having children was nixed to me right away and that only pissed me off so that I made sure I had at least two babies. (I succeeded! LOL)

There is a website called "Patients Like Me" for newly diagnosed MSers - You should read through their message boards and you will see that benign MS is practically a gift. Many are dx'ed with Optic Neuritis as presenting symptom and others are dx'ed with brain lesions. Still others are dx'ed by episodic element.

I am so glad you have found my blog and will look forward to your visits in the future.

I have marked your blog for daily visits and I shall return.

Take care,

Denver Refashionista said...

Thanks again Anne. Your insights and experiences are very helpful. Appartently "benign" MS does not mean anything but keeping the stress low seems key. I am doing just that so we'll see... I too hope to stay offf the interferons.