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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

First Medication Log

Medication Log and Review
For Symptoms

1) Ibuprofin
Over the counter
Pain and inflamation
Works well for skull pain, aches etc..
2) Bach Rescue Remedy
Works great
3)Fish Oil
Dietary supplement
Dietary supplement
Nice effect on skin, hair and joints
4)EmergenC-joint formula
Joint health
Dietary supplement
Helps joints, colds, provides energy
Birth control
Birth control
Finish this pack and take a break from hormones but ok overall
6) Docusate Sodium
Over the counter
Stool softener
Does the trick
7) Lorazepam
Controlled sleep aide
Controlled sleep aide
First attempt to take caused nausea but this needs further review
8) Diazepam
Also known as valium
Vertigo and anxiety
Mostly very positive but only good when I really need it.
9) Transderm Scopalomine
Pharmaceutical transdermal patch
Good for vertigo and nausea
Don’t currently need it but it did the trick
10) Hydrocodone
Good for pain
Used for fractured sternum and sound it provides sleep relief but only if there is pain. Otherwise, causes some nausea
For acid reflux or stomach acidity
Effective but no longer needed
12) Deltasone/Orasone
Prednisone (steroid)
Lowers inflamation
Seems to be really helping and it is also a good exfoliant. It does cause insomnia.
13) Dramamine
Over the counter
Helps prevent or lower nausea and vertigo
Really helps

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